Travel idea n.2 : to ride on horseback and avoid car

image Travel idea n.2 : to ride on horseback and avoid car

Horseback riding is fun and it saves you from the daily stress from traffic jam. In fact, you can find people riding on horseback in rural areas but not in big cities. Traffic rules and regulations prevent you from riding on horseback in most cities.

However, equestrian enthusiasts can legally ride on horseback in smaller cities and villages. Why is it a better idea to ride on horseback and avoid cars? Read and find out the good things about riding on horseback and avoiding cars.

Why ride on horseback and avoid cars?

Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to ride on horseback and avoid cars.

  • It reduces air pollution: You can contribute to saving the environment by choosing to ride on horseback. The less traffic, the less air pollution.
  • You can pocket more money: It helps you save much money to travel on horseback, because you do not need to pay for bus fare or taxi bus fare. In addition, you do not need to spend much money on fuel cost if you choose to travel on horseback. The horse feed will certainly cost you far less than fuel cost.
  • You can enjoy the scenery and landscape: Horseback riding mostly takes place in smaller cities and in villages. Therefore, you can enjoy seeing the landscape during the ride. However, if you travel by car, you cannot really enjoy seeing the landscape because the view is impeded by the car frame around you, or by the person who sits next to you in the vehicle.
  • You save money from car repairs: Horse owners certainly need to spend money for the animal's food. Besides, you will spend far less money on the horseshoe repair than on car fuel. In fact, the total of horse repair equipment is far less expensive than the amount you would pay for your car repair.
  • It reduces commute time: A major problem with traveling by car is that you spend too much time commuting. Heavy traffic jam makes you spend much more time commuting. This is due to the great number of cars on the road, especially at rush hour and near big towns. On the other hand, if you are in the countryside, there might be less public transportation, and you have to wait until the taxi buses are full before you can set out for your destination.
  • It is a safer means of transportation: It is true that horseback riders may fall from the horse, if the horse is untamed. However, riding on horseback on alone for the first time is safer for beginners than driving a car alone.

Set out for a legal horseback ride and avoid car

  • The first thing to do is to find your equestrian destination through a search engine on the internet.
  • After that, look for an agency where you can rent a horse within your destination country. Some agencies offer weekend packages for horseback riding, and they have designed riding trails to follow.
  • Then, organize your trip to your destination place.
  • Book your flight through the online travel agency Opodo.
  • Also, check if Opodo has more reasonable horseback riding packages with more interesting trails.
  • Book your accommodation through the same agency for more interesting offer.