Travel idea n.1 : to live in a yurt

image Travel idea n.1 : to live in a yurt

One of the most important elements of the Mongolian nomadic life is the traditional house called yurt. It is their home, sweet home, with usually a single room and a roof made with archaic technic.

If for them, it's usual to sleep, cook and sometimes play in the same room, for tourists, it's a new way of life. That's why living in a yurt is a unique life experience that helps you learn more about yourself and others.

Living in a yurt: what you need to know

If for natives, living in a yurt is part of daily life, it is not as easy for tourists. The change of scenery is guaranteed, but you still need to know its useful information in advance.

  •  The noise: The sound insulation of a yurt is not comparable to that of a house. For example, by being outside the yurt, it is possible to hear, without being able to understand it, a discussion inside. The insulation muffles the noise but does not cut it. The rain and the wind are, for example, present in the yurt but muffled. This is a generally well-lived constraint that puts you at the heart of your immediate environment.
  •  Reaction to hot and cold: Unlike a house, a yurt is made without such materials with a high thermal inertia as concrete, stone, or brick. Therefore, it has a low thermal inertia. The main advantage is that it is very easy to heat a yurt: no stone or concrete to heat. In one or two hours, depending on the chosen heating, the temperature is already very pleasant. On the other hand, even with a high quality insulation, once the heating is stopped, the yurt will cool down quickly enough.

The best destination to live in a yurt

For a trip totally exotic, Mongolia remains the perfect destination to live a full adventure in a yurt. If you want to keep a semblance of Western comfort, yurts of "luxuries" are available on the premises. However, if you really want to experience a nomadic life, traditional yurts open their doors.

  •  The traditional Mongolian yurt: Traditionally built of wood and felt, this yurt can house up to an entire family. Easily removable, the Yurt for the Mongols is the dwelling place of choice for sleeping right next to work. The interior of this habitat is very simple. No two rooms or three, here everything is in one room.
  •  The new yurts: Specially designed for tourists and travelers, new yurts could be a hotel on legs. However, it is traditional since all the characteristics of Mongolian yurts are visible, namely the shape and the materials used for its construction. Some yurts have a small furnished floor, while some have air conditioning. Other yurts have built-in toilets and even a bathroom with every comfort.

Traveling alone or accompanied?

For a stay in Mongolia in a yurt, the most important is that you feel good. As a family, a couple or alone, it is especially an adventure for the adventurers.

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